Customized lifestyle programs for Every Body!

Professional & Individualized for all Medical, Preventative and Wellness Nees.


Wellness Intake Session - 90 minutes $115

A customized nutrition program will create a foundation of good health and optimize how one feels and looks. This detailed intake session allows the nutritionist to become familiar with your current and past health and lifestyle history in order to get nutrition guidance tailored specifically to you.

Follow-up Visits $39

Customized nutrition plans for:
  1. Disease prevention
  2. Diabetes
  3. Digestion
  4. Food allergies & sensitivities
  5. Heart disease
  6. General allergies
  7. Weight Loss
  8. Hormonal Balance
  9. Sports Nutrition
  10. And More!

Nutritional Transformation Series

Ready to make lasting lifestyle changes?
Those who value qualified support and guidance will feel and see the difference in their body with this investment in their health.

One Month Program - $499.00
  1. 90 minute initial appointment
  2. Weekly 30 minute in person or phone consults
  3. Continual e-mail support
  4. Weekly customized food diaries
  5. 60 minute follow-up appointment
Three Month Program - $ 1299.00
  1. 90 minute initial appointment
  2. Customized Nutrition Program
  3. Monthly Quick Consults
  4. Weekly Phone Consults
  5. E-mail support
  6. Fitness Plan
  7. Recipe Book
  8. Two 60 minute follow-up appointments
Clinical Testing Available - Lab Prices Vary

Clinical Testing Review - $49.99 -A 45 minute visit to review lab findings and develp a nutrition plan based on resutls- Food Allergy - Hormone - Digestive - Metabolic - Vitamin & Mineral

Customized Food & Supplement Plan - $150.00

Well Balanced No Weight Gain Recipe Book - $15

A collection of Cheri's creations and modified favorites, complete with caloric breakdown and nutrition tips


Ask about our 30/30 Fat Loss Program

Home Pantry Sweep $99

Cheri helps you identify and get rid of the foods in your cupboard and replace them with foods which will help you meet your goals.

Shopping Tour - $99

Time to go shopping. This grocery store tour empowers you to be able to choose healthy foods with confidence. Learn how to decipher tricky labels, discover new foods, and hidden ingredients that my be sabotaging your efforts..

Private Cooking Lesson - $150

Customized to your liking, 75 minutes of fun hands on learning and lot’s of yummy food.
Host a class at your home with four or more of your friends! $69 per person Includes food

Pure Body Detox $430

A Professional cleansing program. Includes food plan, recipes, shopping lists, supplements to enhance natural detoxification and e-mail and phone support.

Quick Consult -$40

A 30-40 minute visit designed to follow-up the Intake Session to provide feedback on progress and any changes needed.
Bring in a few days of food diary and your questions for some quick feedback and guidance.

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