Cheri Soraparu's Biography

Growing up in the Northwest gave me a great appreciation for the beauty of nature and physical activity. I first studied psychology at the University of Washington with an emphasis in bio psychology, or in other words, how the mind and body are related and visa versa. While researching these areas I began to see how lifestyle choices affected our mind and body, and thus sparked my interest in nutrition. Nature knows best and I believe and have studied the power of the environment, the body, and the mind’s ability to heal most “dis-ease,” thus, I wanted to pursue a career in helping others use this power of nature to heal themselves.

So, I then obtained my Masters Degree in Nutrition and Natural Health at the University of Bridgeport while working as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and Nutrition Consultant for a health club.

I am Certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer and through the Clinical Nutrition Board as a Clinical Nutritionist. I also hold a Yoga Certificate with SCW fitness.

I educate my clients to help them develop a comprehensive health program which encompasses the entire person and not just one aspect. Feeling and looking good is a combination of providing our mind with nourishing thoughts, fueling our body with healing foods, and moving our muscles. All must be in balance for optimum health, I invite you to take control of your lifestyle and become Well Balanced!

cheri soraparu nutritionist

Cheri Soraparu, MS, CCN
Certified Clinical Nutritionist
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer